29 September 2011

A pause to play... The Cure

I grew up in the 80's and have lots of memories of those times, but I think I'm more of a product of the 90's. Well, those were my teens, can't beat that! Those decades really formed my music taste. There was no CD's, no mp3, certainly no internet and few of us had computer at home... but wasn't it fun to record a cassette from radio broadcasts and share with our friends? We would get together in front of the TV, waiting for the show that played music videos to aired on Sunday afternoon. I wont say - those were the times - mostly because it makes me feel old! But it were great times.

In the early 90's we assisted a big cultural change in Portugal. It was the birth of the first private television channel (at the time there were only two public broadcasters) which would be followed by another, the fourth channel, a year later. TV competition absolutely started then. One of the new shows that marked those times featured extreme sports, and was called Portugal Radical. The show was all about cool videos of surf, bodyboarding, skating, mountain biking, and many other sports, always with great music on background, followed by interviews and sports info. I can honestly say that what really kept me watching was the music and the surf videos. It was like a beautiful dance.

This was one of the songs that frequently played along surf videos. I didn't know what it was, then, but it sounded cool! Then there was Baywatch, that series, and me and my sister became more 'surfaholics'. I think we both secretly dreamed of moving closer to the sea and marrying a cool surfer, or a charming business man with a surf hobby, that could work too*. I remember my father taking us to see surfing competitions, we even got to see Kelly Slater! And that song was always there, playing on the speakers. Up until today I cannot listen to it without seeing waves forming in my head.

Only later I got to really know The Cure, and dive into it's craziness. And I'm totally sold to it. It's just the right thing to put me in a good mood.

Nice to share with you a little more of the soundtrack of my life! Now, go ahead, make a pause and play it. Loud!

Band: The Cure
Song: Just like heaven
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*Turns out I ended up marrying a Forest Engineering man with a futsal hobby. That's not so bad, actually. Close enough.

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