02 August 2011

La Vuelta al mundo - Search the Treasure

I came across this group on flickr a while ago and it came at me like a challenge. I was needing one. So I decided I would start in July. Grab the camera and capture. Just for relax, just for fun. The theme was so much fun: la busqueda del tesoro - a treasure hunt.

As you may know, me and the husband got out for a few days for our second (little) honeymoon. We went to A Coruña, on Galicia, Spain. We were so thrilled about going to a new place, and walk ... and walk through the streets of this new place. The way we like to do. We were also excited to walk the beaches and get some sun, but I guess we just aren't lucky this summer. So without sun there was none of that, walking the streets and discovering places was all we had to do. What better way to search for all the treasures? In a unknown city! And so I did. And, without pressure (come on... we were, kind of, in honeymoon) I managed to get almost all the 12 treasures.

I was supposed to publish the photos the last day of the month so that I would be a part of a world blogging chain, but everything got so consuming, I could not manage to get over here to do it in time. It was disappointing indeed, but it was for a good reason. My sister is getting married next week (yay!!), so you can imagine how things went last days.

Anyway, I had fun taking the pictures and I still want to share them, so here they are.

And you? You do la vuelta al mundo?

Edited to add:
If you wanna see more detail on the pictures, see the whole set on my flickr.

all photos by me 


  1. My favorite is that hydrant on the wall. beautiful capture!

  2. Hi Ines... as you saw I also found "La Vuelta al Mundo" and we were so excited to play. I love your pic of the "unknown girl".
    And this: "going to a new place, and walk ... and walk through the streets of this new place" is exactly what we love to do when we travel, could have written that. We also love to go check out the supermarket and maybe the movies, markets, everyday life. And get lost a bit... Glad to have you back and glad you published your treasures :)

  3. Also, how exciting, your sisters' wedding ;)

  4. Thanks ladies! :)

    @Amanda: sometimes we walk until our feet hurt! and then we have to sit down at some terrace for a break and a drink :D wich is also great.

    Things are all over the place around here for the wedding. But it's fun! as you can imagine ;)

  5. Lovely photo grid!!! Your found treasures are awesome!

  6. @Nat
    Thank you! It was fun finding them :)


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