25 August 2011

The August Break - Day 25

This is what we have home to come back to. Meet Marie (Curie) and Frida (Kahlo).

all photos by me


  1. I miss having a kittie!

    I have to say, I think it's so cute that you have this huge bed with all this room, and your pillows are right smack next to each other!

  2. I love the names of your cats. A scientist and a (mexican) painter. Perfect. They are so cute.

  3. They are so cute...I would love a cat or a pet of any type...shame I am allergic xx

  4. Amanda(Blue LaReve), that's so fun you've noticed that! I use me being chilly as an excuse for that ;)

    Amanda, I'm on the Arts area, the hubby is more on the sciences team, so you guess where those names came from.

    Lottie, what a pity that you are allergic... I guess you can always have a golden fish in a beautiful aquarium. I love birds also, but I cannot bring myself to have them in birdcages. Birds are meant to fly!


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