21 August 2011

The August Break - Day 21

Notice something popping out of my hair?

It's been hot in here, but, as you may know, we kind of have something that atracts clouds and rain, so guess how it was yesterday? Yeah. Dark sky and raining every now and then. And the calm sea became agitated. But you know what? We didn't cared. We headed to the sea and had fun with the waves. It was super!

photos by the hubby, me and Matilde (my brother's girlfriend)


  1. Nice ! I am glad you enjoyed the water. Here we also had gray but warm weather. And we wen't to the beach as well. Did not swim... but I did touch the water (which was freezing ha).

  2. Love the hair! I've wanted one in my hair for a while, but it's pretty impossible to do it yourself, and I don't have anyone around that knows how to do it.

    The beach looks lovely, even with the dark sky. :)


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