19 August 2011

The August Break - Day 19

One last glimpse over the living room before we go for a holiday week. It's quiet. There are no kitties running around, leaving fur balls on the couch. No TV on, no music on the stereo.

 Looks empty without fresh flowers over the table...

all photos by me 


  1. I can tell that you love owls. Well, it is kind of obvious I guess, no rocket scientist here.
    Your apartment looks very pretty and coz, I like the white ceramic dishes. Have a nice time on your holiday, I am wishing that you get nice weather :)

  2. I love the owl pillow, I've been looking for one for ages now :)

  3. Love, love, love the lace on the window!!

  4. Thank you all! How can someone figure that I like owls? :)
    There's a reason, though, one day I tell that story.
    My sister got me that pillow, I like how it pops some color to the room.
    Oh, I love to reuse old things like that lace table cloth I turned into a curtain.


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