23 July 2011

A Year!

We're leaving in a few minutes. The husband should be arriving any moment for us to go. And here I am writing this. We're going for our little-second-honeymoon, because tomorrow it will be A YEAR since we've started this adventure together. It has been a year of joy and struggle, for we're starting something important here. We've promissed each other never to give up on what we believe, never give up on the love we have, and never give up lightning the flame. Love is a never ending construction.

This is another journey in our lives. We'll be back on wednesday with photos, stories, and lots of hapiness smiles.

24 of July. Our day. Because thats how we think love should be, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Wish all of you all the love.

photos by our dear friends Rita and Pedro


  1. Congratulations :) Enjoy your (2nd) honeymoon. And you look so happy and beautiful in your pics. Sending love your way :)

  2. thank you, Amanda! :) Love is not meant to stay with us, but to keep on giving, so I'm sending it back to you. **

  3. :) like a chain ! Hope you had a nice time !


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