12 January 2012

A pause to play... Mariah Carey

Wait!! Don't go away, not just yet. Give me some credit here, will you?

Ok, so... Once upon a time there was a girl with a powerfull voice that conquered the world with her musics. She was young and talented and needed no more than her beautiful smile to gain the crowd. Time passed by, and with time wrinkles came. The girl started to loose her confidence and soon her pure smile started to fade. From there was just a step to contracting the Jennifer Lopez/Rihana syndrome. The rest of the story you all know.

Do you remember that girl? Did you ever got to know her? If not, take a time to do it now. I remember my father talking about a girl he had seen on TV singging a song caled Vision of Love (her first single) but he would not remember her name, he kept looking for her till one day he brought home her MTV Unlugged album. We used to listen to it all the time and this song allways made me wanna dance. It still comes to my mind when I feel like it.

Seems like I'm starting the year with a certain need to shake things up. Well, it better be a good omen!

Today I was received in a home full of lighted candles, a complete (and delicious) dinner ready and an apple crumble coming out of the oven wich made the house smell wonderfull! All by the hands of the sweet husband of mine. And today is not even a special date! Should I be worried? Oh... I know I'm lucky! So, I guess this music makes even more sence today...

"You've got me feeling emotions
Deeper than I've ever dreamed of
You've got me feeling emotions
Higher than the heavens above"

Artist: Mariah Carey
Song: Emotions
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